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Museums and private collectors

Museums and private collectors have countless artifacts including collectibles, artwork, manuscripts, textiles, and more. Many of them are kept in storage to protect them from fading and other damage from exposure to light. But they didn’t acquire their collections to keep them from rarely being seen or to present them in dimly lit rooms.

Why VariGuard SmartGlass?


  • Electronically dimmable conservation glass to protect and exhibit priceless artifacts
  • 99% UV blocking at all times
  • Instant switching between light-blocking and transparent states


  • Allows long-term storage of valuable fragile collections
  • Protects items from long-term damage


  • Removes items from line of sight
  • Laminated glazing for added strength and security
  • Available in glass, polycarbonate, acrylic and chemically strengthened glass

Why expose sensitive artifacts to light – when they are not being viewed?

  • Allow light to reach artifacts only when they are being viewed
  • Block light and protect artifacts at all other times
  • Block >99.5% of visible light exposure
  • Block >99% UV light exposure
  • Extend the duration of exhibitions or times items taken out of storage in homes

VariGuard SmartGlass Products

  • SmartGlass picture frames
  • SmartGlass display cases
  • SmartGlass customised cases
  • SmartGlass table cases
  • SmartGlass shadowboxes
  • SmartGlass panels

Key Features

Conceal / Reveal

Provide a stunning exhibition of your collection for visitors, clients and guests


Increase visitor engagement with items on display, activated by pushbutton or presence sensor


Builds anticipation and speculation before reveal


Integrate SmartGlass with motion-activated controllers for precisely timed artifact visibility

Retrofit with VariGuard SmartGlass panels


Upgrade existing displays – VariGuard SmartGlass can replace the existing glass.